Sound Shellfish Company

Our Story

Sound Shellfish Company is a small family owned shellfish farm located in Olympia Washington.  We are a wholesale supplier of fresh, natural, Pacific Northwest shellfish.


Our business was originally formed in 1998 by Ian Child.  At the time the intention was to utilize a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, and his experience working for Squaxin Island Natural Resources as a Shellfish Biologist to farm Geoduck clams.  Along the way, the business has broadened to include Pacific oysters, Manila clams and recently Mediterranean mussels.


Our shellfish crops are grown in the tidelands of the beautiful Pacific Northwest and all of our harvest sites are located in South Puget Sound inlets which include, Hammersly, Totten, Skookum, Eld and Dana Passage.


We are proud to engage in the sustainable farming of delicious shellfish.