Sound Shellfish Company

We are a wholesale supplier, located in Washington state and grow delicious Pacific oysters, Manila clams, Mediterranean mussels and Geoduck clams.   Our growing  sites are all located in southern Puget Sound inlets which include, Hammersly, Totten, Skookum, Eld, and Dana Passage. The cold, clean water of the Puget Sound provides an abundance of natural food for our shellfish, which means they are raised without addition of artificial nutrients or hormones.


Our sustainable crops are grown in the tidelands of the beautiful Puget Sound. All harvest sites are in approved growing status with the Washington State Department of Health.



Our Products

Our oysters are classic bag to beach raised.  Feeding on the plankton rich waters of the Puget Sound, they have sweet meat and a general buttery texture.

Pacific Oysters

Intertidal beach grown, these king clams take 4-6 years to mature. Geoducks are said to have a sweet flavor and slight saltiness.

Beach grown - these little gems were originally Japanese imports. They have pretty oval shells and a mild, sweet flavor.

Beautiful blue black shells and a delicate, buttery flavor best describe our mussels.  They are raft culture rope suspended, which means no grit in the shell.

Geoduck Clams

Manila Clams

Mediterranean Mussels